Get Content in Google Faster

Reduce time-to-index in Google, Google News and Top Stories, with the Publisher Indexing API.

Fast, Secure, & Built to Scale for Publishers of Any Size




Publish content from any CMS. All you need is an RSS feed.

The API sends a request to Google.

Google receives your update within 1-2 seconds.

Real-time indexing for Publishers

Stop worrying about how long Google takes to index your content: push your updates to Google in real-time with just a few minutes of configuration.

Features & Benefits →

Works with all platforms

Compatible with all publishers and platforms: from smaller publications and WordPress sites; to enterprise-level content platforms and news sites with heavy caching.

How it works →

Easy Setup. Big Impact.

WordPress Plugin - Serverless App - Code Examples - API Dashboard - Slack Support

Our fast HTTP API is easy to use and set up. Just append the URL of your RSS feed as a parameter, submit a request, and we respond with JSON.

Trigger our API to run as content is published, and/or set up a Cron job to check your feeds and news sitemaps at a regular interval (eg. every 1 minute).

Is your team constantly asking why your articles or live blog updates aren't showing up quickly enough in Google or Top Stories?

With the Publisher Indexing API you can get your stories in front of readers faster, improving your performance in Top Stories and Google News.