Publisher Indexing API

The world’s first dedicated publisher indexing API service for Google and Google News built with technical SEO in mind.

We help news and publisher websites speed up and improve indexing times in Google, Google News and Top Stories – allowing you and your team to focus on creating quality content.

Using our API you can:

  • Achieve real-time indexing with just a few minutes of configuration
  • Alert Google to new content such as articles or live blogs, as well as updates to existing content

Our API is designed to work with all publishers and platforms: from smaller publications and WordPress sites; to enterprise-level content platforms and newspapers with heavy caching.

For News SEO Teams

Is your team constantly asking why your content or live blog updates aren’t showing up quickly enough in Google or Top Stories?

Why wait for Google to check your sitemap for updates, when you can instruct them to index every individual update and piece of content you publish, the minute it goes live.

With the Publisher Indexing API you can ensure your updates are pushed to Google instantly, improving your indexing performance in Google and Google News.

For Developers

Are your feeds, sitemaps or pages behind a cache? No problem. Our API can request Google to crawl your content as soon as it is available.

Trigger our API to run as content is published, and/or set up a Cron job to check your feeds and sitemaps at a regular interval (eg. every 30 seconds or 1 minute), so we instruct Google to index content as soon as it is available on the site.

Our API is easy to use and set up, just append the URL of your RSS feed or sitemap as a parameter and we respond with JSON letting you know everything worked.